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Six spotted Nursery Fishing Spider I think. The 2nd photo I believe shows baby spiders still in the nursery web built by the spider in the first photo. It also looks like the spider in the first photo maybe working on another egg sack as well. 



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Went birding near the ocean a couple of days ago, remember this is January, and got eaten alive by no see ums! Still itchy! Arms, neck and face everything that wasn't covered. I certainly have a love hate thing going with bugs specially here in Florida. Love photographing bugs. I hate when they bite me. They love biting me and these no see ums just won't ever be photographed. At least not by me and my equipment.

A case in point for them loving me-my husband and I on one of trips further south to do some birding found us having dinner on a covered patio. We got eaten alive while the other patrons seemed to be being left completely alone. Perhaps they are more use to living in Florida and had bug spray on but we couldn't finish our meal fast enough.

Let's see Colorado's frigged January temperatures or Florida's bugs? At the moment I'm leaning Colorado.

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