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Lots of butterflies flying around so I tried to catch this one as it flew across the yard. Not a huge butterfly, but the dandelion gives a good comparative for it's size, which is more relevant in the next photo.




The size of this spider is really hard to judge due to it being hunched up while it feeds on a butterfly similar in size to the one above, possibly the same one. Notice the spider's body is almost as long as the butterfly. I suspect the spider actual shrunk considerably since I first noticed it, because it was MUCH larger when I first discovered it crawling up my pant leg the day before.


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On 11/4/2023 at 5:20 PM, Johnd said:

Any one know this caterpillar?

Today N Texas feeding on my herbs sage specifically


Caterpillar on sage




I was taken to flickr but not to your caterpillar photo. I highly recommend iNaturalist for bug identification.

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