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Grouse ID

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This bird was in Mackay, Idaho which is north of Pocatello.  

Behavior and precise location make for a story but not much help with ID in its normal setting.   She was crossing Main Street and when I pulled over to observe she flew to the hood of my car where she remained until I exited the car. She appeared to watch for cars and wait for them to pass as she crossed the road.  

I've gotten opinions of Spruce, Sooty and Dusky from others.  The Sooty would be a Rare sighting according to Ebird but the plain grey neck and head give support to the ID.  Spruce and Dusky are the expected species for the area.  ID points that I see are the very plain grey neck and head, breast with some fairly heavy marking up high and not as bold lower.  Strongly marked on the side.  

You can't help but think "why did the chick.....grouse cross the street?" The answer is it crossed the street to give me my 500th life bird and a fun story. 






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