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(Long Post) 9 Montana Passerine Birds

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I am going through some old photos from Montana taken last Summer, and I've been trying to ID all the birds I saw. As a Floridian, I am not as familiar with some of these. Let me know if I am correct!

1.DSCN6066.thumb.JPG.6204198f5617e9eb8f0912b4a1104117.JPGCassin's Finch Female


2.DSCN6998.thumb.JPG.e09e0ca96ca878e0500dbfbf7e46e5a2.JPGClay-Colored Sparrow

3.DSCN7906.thumb.JPG.fa733a6e12f89e8eecff4e399df92410.JPGSlate-Colored Fox Sparrow

4.DSCN7971.thumb.JPG.5a28ee06138c514d27cbd4c62d0f83f3.JPGRuby-Crowned Kinglet?

5.873753025_Kinglet_GoldenCrownedMONTANA.thumb.JPG.a865915359844773a30dec65a935be39.JPGGolden-Crowned Kinglet?

6.1269095416_flycatcherMONTANA.thumb.JPG.92457c9dc27aa82cbaa9913d4ef38c2f.JPGHammond's Flycatcher or Least Flycatcher.

7.1530020886_Flycatcher_LeastMONTANA.thumb.JPG.ee3a6fae830ddf384d969ac4fb613c7f.JPGWillow Flycatcher

8.1401745170_flycatcher_willowMONTANA(1).thumb.JPG.343d05cd3375e548644b4577dfa88ed4.JPGWillow Flycatcher

7.DSCN7868.thumb.JPG.50f92dded36eae938f9955fc655d9f28.JPGHammond's Flycatcher?

8.647699372_Peewee_WesternMONTANA.thumb.JPG.0afe7272d4c95d985fe042a546f9027d.JPGWestern-Wood Peewee

9.DSCN7983.thumb.JPG.1714717d823f58e19fe9a0e2e2af3bdf.JPG9. This is the most difficult one in my opinion. I am pretty sure it is a juvenile Yellow-Rumped (Audubon's) Warbler. Note the yellow throat, thinner beak, and insectivorous diet.



Thank you for the help! Those flycatchers were tricky...


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