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12 minutes ago, DLecy said:

Thoughts on this photo? I personally LOVE the artistic elements of the pic, even if it doesn't fit neatly in the "5 star" Macaulay Library rating box. I think it's higher than a 3.



I really like the artistic quality of the photo, but if I was rating it according to the macaulay library I would probably rate it as a two, given that it's pretty much just a silhouette. 

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On 8/5/2021 at 12:33 PM, Quiscalus quiscula said:

I'm not sure, it is in focus. Also, hehehe, I rated it?.

There are many other elements that make up a good photo other than just being “ in focus.” 

On 9/14/2021 at 9:29 PM, Aidan B said:

Yes, the lighting makes a HUGE difference with my image quality. Luckily, here in Sacramento my biggest issue is usually too much light, as it is very sunny almost every day! The heat shimmer has ruined so many of my photos over the past few months.  

Also, my camera has great vibration reduction, so I haven't had much of an issue. 

One more thing, with a 1.4 or 2x, you will have slower autofocus. But your camera is mirrorless, so you.l still have autofocus, it’ll just be slower. 

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5 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

I'm terrified to rate photos any more, for fear it will show up here.  :classic_ohmy:

I think the original purpose of this thread was for those good/great photos that were getting, well, bombed by a bunch of low ratings. It’s kind of changed to sharing photos that are overrated, not bad necessarily, but also it’s not like 1 overrated photo is going to shake the foundations of the eBird database. 

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