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On 8/22/2021 at 10:40 AM, BirdNrd said:

4 for me. It could have been framed a bit looser, which would make the background less distracting . Sometimes, even cropping loosely, you can’t avoid a busy background. Of course, if it’s at your backyard, you can set up perches to capture images with distant backgrounds, but in the field, well......it hard to do. Sharpness I great, however. Excellent photo, but it’s a solid 4 for me. 

3 hours ago, PalmWarbler said:

How did this get to the top photos of the day? And what would you rate it?


4 stars. Lighting is very cool. Nice spot lighting. That’s when the sun illuminated just the bird or subject. The bird has decent sharpness, but when you crop in, it’s not so great. You probably think the birds too small in the frame, however, sometimes if it’s still sharp, it can work, especially in good lighting. Also, if it’s interestingly composed, and it’s a unique image, it’s good as well. 

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On 8/22/2021 at 12:00 PM, MichaelLong said:

https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/292348651 What would you guys rate this?

3 stars. The bird isn’t tack sharp. However, it is sharp, just not perfect. That lowers a star for me. Also, much of the breast is well overexposed, with no visible detail. Sometimes you can fix that In the field if you check your exposure, or sometimes you can edit it to fix it. 
See how there’s no detail in this area? 

I edited the photo. Try this: D50B2C0A-8F2F-4F3B-AEB6-2D42DEC73F8C.thumb.jpeg.80c87e9ff1d35917e80046bbc93b07b2.jpeg

Edit: @MichaelLong, did you shoot tnis image in JPEG mode or RAW mode? I’m guessing JPEG, because when I made the exposure lower, most of it just became flat gray. 

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18 hours ago, PalmWarbler said:

How did this get to the top photos of the day? And what would you rate it?


Four for me. I think it's really hard to take a good picture of a kingfisher, especially in flight. I can't tell you how many awful kingfisher photos I've seen. Besides, the lighting is cool, with the kingfisher being outlined against the dark background. It looks like it's caught in a column of light. It's still a cool photo! 

Then again, I should probably stop posting in this topic because I know almost nil about photography.

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12 minutes ago, PalmWarbler said:





6 minutes ago, PalmWarbler said:

don't mind that post


Clarification: I don't know why it showed up as BCNH because later I saw the same photo again labeled as RTHU so I attempted to edit my post to remove the stuff I wrote but I forgot to remove the photo but by the time I realized the photo was still there it had been 6 minutes so I couldn't edit it anymore. ?

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12 hours ago, IKLland said:

I might have over edited...

Did you get permission from the photographer to edit the photo and upload it to Whatbird? If you edited the photo without getting permission first, then you definitely over edited. Don't forget to respect copyright rules. ? If you did get permission to edit the photo, it is still in bad taste to post someone else's photo without including credit to the photographer that took the photo.

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