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Tahoe in Spring


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Day 1: Nothing interesting here unless you like driving for 4 hours 

Day 2: Cabin Time! After a nights rest, I was ready to explore the woods around the cabin my family rented out. The first things to greet me in the morning were the neighborhood squirrels and the loud annoying brats. (Steller's Jays) After setting out some seeds for the animals, I decided to go to the beach to look for ducks. Well I guess you could call it a failed success, as even though I didn't find the duck mob, 2 coyotes provided a awesome sight. (Seriously? Coyotes on a beach?) I also found a dead trout (RIP), and a odd sounding collared dove (sounded like someone was saying "Michael! Come-here! Here!" Flickers also would fly from tree to tree, only stopping when the local hawk soared overhead. After exploring the beach, I checked out the small ponds and canals nearby. Only a few mallards were hanging around the pond with Brewer's Blackbirds hanging around. In the bushes stood singing Song Sparrows and House Finches. I then walked out to a pier where a large group of gulls flocked, harassing the diving ducks. I then headed back to the woods, which was now warm enough that insects were flying around. The insects were playing a game of hide and seek with the Chickadees and Nuthatches, who thought it was a good idea to bang against someone's house like woodpeckers. By then a few birds had already found the seeds I put out, namely the annoying bra-Steller's Jays who screamed at me to leave... So I went back inside

More coming soon....

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