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1.  Barred Owl   2.  Bobolink   3.  Red-breasted Merganser   5.  Bonaparte’s Gull  

So we just post our bird photos?  *confused...........* 65. American Black Duck  American Black Duck by MerMaeve, on Flickr 66. Green Heron  Green Heron by MerMaeve, on Flickr

49: Little Gull Little Gull, Morgan Ave. Mudflats 4/5/13 by Greg Miller, on Flickr 50: Black-headed Gull For ID - Black-headed Gull by Greg Miller, on Flickr 51: Chuck-will's-widow

Posted Images

83.  Burrowing Owl

39638981655_64a9d8d79b_c.jpg_91A8744.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


84.  Anna's Hummingbird

25617088797_5c36840eae_c.jpgIMGP3551.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


85.  Black-vented Shearwater

40444689362_389093266e_c.jpg_91A8318.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


86.  Long-billed Curlew

39777687454_cd0978106d_c.jpg_91A0402.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


87.  Yellow-crowned Night-Heron

40507099781_8cd0775d11_c.jpg_91A7691.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


88.  Snowy Egret

39823529254_198b9af59e_c.jpg_91A7697.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


89.  Western Gull

39823532174_10550fa7fc_c.jpg_91A7712-2.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr


90.  Townsend's Warbler

40491261682_50a138d7d0_c.jpg_91A8803.jpg by chipperatl2, on Flickr

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