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Two birds from the Savannah NWR

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Hi everyone,

I had a nice visit to the Savannah National Wildlife Reserve in South Carolina the other day and saw and identified swallow-tailed kites, blue herons, common gallinules, red-winged blackbirds, egrets, and roseate spoonbills.   I photographed two birds for which I need help identifying.   I am thinking the black and brown one is a glossy ibis and the all-black one is a comorant of some kind.   I am pretty new at this hobby and would greatly appreciate some expert opinions.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice provided.



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That amount of white on the face is typical of Glossy- on WF there is a continuous line of white around the face rather than the "broken up" appearance on Glossy. 

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15 hours ago, REFEM said:

I am pretty new at this hobby

For being new to birding, you picked an excellent place to start.  Savannah NWR is great.  It's open and you can reach almost all of it by car, so you don't have to do a lot of hiking or carry water and munchies.  It has a great variety of species, as you noticed!  If you live nearby, come back in the fall and winter when the migratory waterfowl are on the ponds.

One of my favorite spots, although I've never been there in the summer.  But for spoonbills and glossies, I may have to brave the humidity.

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