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32 minutes ago, IKLland said:

1. Female or juvenile. Not sure. 
2. Hard to be sure, but I’d say it’s an adult male. 

Last one isn't an adult male. They have dark wingtips and gray bodies.

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pic 2 -- adult female, as discerned by whitish chest with obvious dark streaking (juveniles are brown/buff/orange below with little or no streaking [depicted quite well in Sibley], although juv males tend to get quite pale below by spring)

From BNA/BOW account:

Juvenile (First Basic) Plumage

Present Jun-Nov/Aug, through second Aug in most individuals. Male and Female similar (both sexes showing some variation); sex determination best accomplished by measurements (see below). Somewhat similar to Definitive Basic Plumage of female, but generally darker and warmer throughout (see Distinguishing Characteristics). Head, upperparts and upperwings blackish brown with a few pinkish-tan streaks on the head, the perimeter of the facial ruff and area below eye highlighted with light tan. Lower rump and uppertail coverts white with light tawny wash or some feathers showing a small and faint tawny central streak when fresh. Upperwing coverts with narrow buff margins; tips of secondaries and proximal primaries grade to whitish, more so on underside; primaries narrowly barred dark and white. Tail similar to that of adult female, but somewhat darker and bars average more distinctly defined. Underparts deep rufous-tawny, bleaching to pale tan by late winter or spring. Chin sometimes paler tan. Feathers of upper breast with dark and heavy medial streaks, becoming finer elsewhere, except along the flanks where streaks are wider. Streaks can be more apparent in late winter after fading. Underwing primary coverts mixed whitish, very dark, and/or tan; underwing secondary coverts buffy tan with dark medial marks. Under surface of secondaries noticeably darker overall than in Definitive Plumage female.

From photo caption in BNA/BOW account:

Young males have greenish-yellow eyes in their first fall; female chocolate brown. Otherwise their plumages are identical in the first year.

Juvenile female

Juvenile, male

Adult female


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