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Few IDs From This Summer

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Please help / confirm some IDs from this summer.  Thanks!

Gull Billed Tern?  Is saw this bird on a beach near Hampton VA in June 2018.


Willow Flycatcher?  I saw this bird in Portland TN in May 2018.


I saw this bird in Aruba (I realize that is technically part of South America but I believe this is a warbler common in North America) in July 2018.  It the time I ID this as a Palm Warbler but am now thinking a Yellow Warbler.  


Also Aruba in July 2018.  Reddish Egret?  I didn't get a great look and the picture quality is bad.  Reddish is what I thought at the time.


Last one.  This was taken in July 2018 in Chicago IL.  Not sure about this.  I feel like I should know it but have not been about to ID it.




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