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Grackle Standing in Yellowstone River?

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Finishing up categorizing a few birds from trip - in real time I just assumed this big bird walking in the river was a female "Grackle" didn't give it much thought, buts its not like mature female Grackles I see all the time in Florida - certainly not a boat tail. Is this just a young and/or female common Grackle? The common grackles I see in my backyard in Florida usually have more gloss and more of a psychotic look and jerky behavior than this mellow strolling bird which had more of a "plumpness" to it than the typical grackle I see in the east. 





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3 minutes ago, TowheeTea said:

Thanks, Sorry, my bad,  I should have clarified these pictures were taken in mid-September, but this bird is much too big for a Brewer's Blackbird.

While a Common Grackle would more common then, Brewer's Blackbird are still abundant. Plumage-wise as well, this is obviously a Brewer's Blackbird. No Common Grackle is this pale.

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