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Why is my entire checklist ( that is not hidden), unconfirmed?

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15 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

Is the checklist flagged? It should tell you why if it is. You might have too long of distance or something like that.

No, 3.5 miles(about,), and 2 hours 45 minutes(about). Not flagged at all. 


16 hours ago, BirdNrd said:

Maybe there was a high count?

No, all these birds are common in my county, and the phoebe count was just 2( actually quite low), avocet estimated 30( I’ve put in 100 before and it was not flagged as high), merganser 8, osprey 1( common), elegant tern abundant,  estimated 400 is commonly reported sometimes more( and the count was not flagged as high unless you got over 1500( which I didn’t, obviously). @Connor Cochranehere is the checklist. https://ebird.org/checklist/S85002006


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Just now, Connor Cochrane said:

Why don’t you email your reviewer

Good idea.  Emailed them before asking why dabbling duck sp is rare, and they just said that I neeed to add comments as it is a rare species.how odd is that?

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