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OK we are back and stumped again.  


Both pictures were taken in Pharr Texas and the first looks like a great tailed Grackle but the beak looks to thick.  


The second we snapped high overhead and the closest we can come up with is a Merlin, but that can't be correct. 


Any help, as always, is appreciated.

 Thank you: Adalia and John 

1 What is it 6.JPG

What is it 1.JPG

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I believe you are right. The first is indeed a Great-tailed Grackle. The second is making me think Broad-winged Hawk, but I’m not good at telling between them and Red-shouldered, so wait for more to reply.

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12 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

The hawk is definitely a Broad-winged - wide white tail band and no transparent wing crescents.

Yep, Broad-winged should be migrating thought down there right now.

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