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4 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

Yes, very true. We usually get the usual migrants, house wren, common grackle, and we are fairly near a river. We do have native plants and a small wood in back, so our yard is much shadier and probably supports more birds than at least the neighboring yards. Unfortunately, we had to take our feeders down because NOTHING deters our squirrels, but that doesn't seem to have affected the number of birds much. We also have an elderberry bush and several Dogwoods which are a good food source.

Nice!  We just planted an elderberry and a couple nannyberries.

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19 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Just dig a pond in your yard and wait 6 years.. ?

Dig a pond, don't start birding for 6 years, and them you don't have to wait as long once you start birding!

I have only got to see two here, it's not like it is a regular occurrence, and one of those was just downed by a rain storm in migration. 

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22 minutes ago, Birding Boy said:

Completely out of habitat Common Yellowthroat. Probably forced down by some storms. Yardbird #135

What is the wrong habitat for a Common Yellowthroat besides the desert?  I see/hear them almost everywhere, including in the "city" (Vermont cities aren't really cities).

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19 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

I just got what was probably my most needed bird for the yard, #108, a Barn Owl screeching far down the canyon below. I think the reason why I haven't had one was because I was listening down the wrong canyon.

You have multiple canyons in your yard?! :classic_wacko:

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