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1 hour ago, Birding Boy said:

Had a really good morning, probably the best I've ever had in fall. Yellow-billed Cuckoo and Wilson's Snipe brought my total up to 138, and my county year list up to 200! (Which I ended the year with in 2020)


Can I come to your yard!? 3 hours in your yard would give me 14 lifers! 

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3 minutes ago, BirdNrd said:

10% of the birds I get here are flyovers, but 90% of birds that come into my yard are Western Bluebirds and House Finches.

Ah, I see. I guess there is a lot of regional variation with morning flight, but FYI the checklist from today is highly above average. I've been having about 20 species for the past week.

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