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Swallow in flight

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16 minutes ago, Tony Leukering said:

brown sides, dark rump same color as rest of upperparts, etc.

I don't think those two things solidify it but, I did go look at some comparisons to educate myself further...
The pictures are rather poor and you can't make everything out clearly. For people like myself that have not perfected their ID skills on some species and families, it was a little tough to rule out bank swallow for me with those pictures.
But I saw that bank swallows would have had a forked tail compared to this... I feel more confident now.

Please keep in mind, I question for me, not to question any of you but for me to learn.
There's a lot of people online that sometimes want to judge people that don't know as much as they but then don't have the patience to help them learn. Not saying that applies here but, I ask a LOT of questions if I have them...  and some people seem to get annoyed.
I can't take a look at a picture like these ones, be told it's NRWS, and then be able to ID them with ease the rest of my life... 
I NEED those ID marks to help me later on. I hope people can appreciate that. 🙂 

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