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Golden Eagle and Warblers from NJ (Forsythe & Cape May)

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Hi all,


Looking for a few ID's as usual - these are from Forsythe, Avalon and Cape May, NJ from yesterday.


1. Originally assumed this was a Bald Eagle but on closer inspection i don't see the white auxiliaries that i'd expect in a 1st or 2nd year bird - thoughts?

44996185082_37cecf16e6_b.jpgGolden Eagle for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

2. Yellow warbler

44996177122_e5c763de1b_b.jpgYellow Warbler by Morganirich, on Flickr


3. Yellow-rumped?

44996177382_a5b7064148_b.jpgWarbler for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

4. not sure

44996177632_1ba7a8bfe8_b.jpgWarbler for ID 2 by Morganirich, on Flickr

5. Magnolia?

44996184022_1e60834721_b.jpgMagnolia Warbler for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

6. Eastern Phoebe

44996189462_a695db9614_b.jpgEastern Phoebe by Morganirich, on Flickr

7. Tern - Forster's? that's mostly what i was seeing but i expected more of a forked tail - is it because this is a juvie?

44996178132_8f190acab7_b.jpgTern for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr

8. Forster's, Caspian terns and Laughing Gulls?

44996187962_c6224e8158_b.jpgFor ID;s - forsters, caspians, laughing gulls by Morganirich, on Flickr

9. Caspian? (v Royal?)

44996193812_fbfee9b1bc_b.jpgCaspian Tern for ID by Morganirich, on Flickr


thx all!


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