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Went to Santa Cruz Island today and just need some help with a few birds if possible.

1) hermit thrush?

2) Tern sp.

3) Not sure

4) cormorant sp. ?




thanks in advance!





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13 minutes ago, IKLland said:

Looks like you got a bit out of order. I’ll post in the order of the photos. 
1. yes

2. Orange-Crowned Warbler

3. Likely Forster’s Tern, but I cannot be sure from that photo( @Tony Leukeringmay. )

4. Brandt’s cormorant 


2. It's worth noting that the Orange-crowned Warbler is the subspecies sordida or "dusky" OCWA, which breeds on the Channel Islands. This is evidenced by the large size, "green-tinged" plumage, very long bill, and streaked undertail coverts.

3. That's a Caspian Tern with the large, heavy, bill and dark primaries visible on the underside of the wing.

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