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Not sure about this Hawk...

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The tail band is perfectly normal. While juvenile RLHAs have a generally dark distal half of the tail, there's usually a blacker subterminal band hidden in there, as illustrated by this bird. However, your bird's tail is typical of adult female RLHA, which usually sports an obvious black subterminal band with the occasional individual sporting one or two additional narrower tail bands (as here; note the dark eyes). Adult males typically exhibit one or more additional tail bands.

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12 hours ago, Kevin said:

Welcome to the forum, @Mr Noggs!

It seems @Seanbirds and @IKLland
are neglecting their duties as the welcoming committee.?

I DIDN"T SEE THE POST YET. what did you ask me to do again? oh yeah! @Mr Noggs welcome to whatbird! Feel free to post in any of the forums here! ( I'll be nice and let @Seanbirdsfinish off my signature sentence. ( ya know what it is, right?)

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6 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

"This is Liberty Hall.  You can spit on the mat, and call the catbird a bustard."

Yeah, nobody's getting that one.  :classic_dry:

Nope, googling John Grimes books that I didn't read doesn't help either. I get the sentiment but have never heard the expression.

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