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Just now, lonestranger said:

Where many decoys are deployed, which was my original thought as well.

Really? Interesting. Looking back, the other duck looked kinda fake too. It wasn’t moving either. 

The Cormorant was definitely real, though. It made sure I knew that! :classic_laugh:

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1 hour ago, Seanbirds said:

This is the most embarrassing mis-ID I’ve had in a while! :classic_laugh:

Don't feel bad, I posted a photo of a decoy about a decade ago and then argued that it couldn't be a decoy because the bird was moving. Bitter pill to swallow and it didn't go down well, but I was eventually convinced it was a decoy, and yes, I had to concede that decoys will move around the pond due to wind and water current depending on the length of the tether they're anchored with, if any. It's still embarrassing when I think about it. So don't feel bad, @Seanbirds, your embarrassment will last longer than you think it will. With the good people here at Whatbird to remind you about it now and then, the embarrassment could last a long, long, long time, but we'll all get a good chuckle out of it, even you'll be laughing at it, eventually. It'll still be embarrassing though. :classic_laugh:

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