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21 Apr 2021 Mobile co. AL; Gulf-side shell middens, heavily wooded with Live Oak, palmetto, cypress, hickory

1.  Swainson's Thrush


2.  House Finch vs. Indigo Bunting


3.  Yellow Warbler


4.  Ovenbird


5.  Wood Thrush


6.  Female Prothonotary Warbler


The following 2 were in a suburban yard across from the shell middens, gleaning Bottlebrush plants.

7.  Tennessee Warbler


8.  Northern Parula



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20 minutes ago, floraphile said:

differentiate a Tennessee from a Drab Cape May?

1 -- Cape Mays are streaked, Tennessees aren't

2 -- Cape Mays have tail spots, Tennessees don't

3 -- Cape Mays have wing bars, Tennessees don't

4 -- In spring, there are no particularly dull Cape Mays (see here)

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