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I had to post this topic....


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post yours!

1. Coop x sharpie

2. California x blue gray

3. Eastern x western screech

4. rufous x allen's

5. Crow x raven

6. Lesser x greater scuap

7. Song x lincoln's

8. western x semipalmated

9. Elegant x royal

10. Redpolls

Why did I have to make this sharing topic? I don't know if i'll be able to sleep ever again!

feel free to add your top 10. IN NO ORDER PLEASE.

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Well, in my area;

1. Willow x Alder Flycatchers 

2. Lesser x Greater Scaup

3. Cooper’s x Sharp-shinned Hawks

4. Least x Acadian Flycatchers 

5. Western x Semipalmated Sandpipers 

6. Song x Swamp Sparrows 

7. Northern Rough-winged x Bank Swallows

8. Greater x Lesser Yellowlegs

9. White-crowned x White-throated Sparrows 

10. Downy x Hairy Woodpeckers


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