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Here's some more birds from Bosque del Apache NWR in New Mexico yesterday, I have them grouped by name like so (under the link):



1) Unknown flycatcher - no idea, gray flycatcher?

2) Unknown finch - no idea, maybe an immature of some kind?

3) Sparrow - is this Brewer's or Clay-colored?

4) Sandpiper 1 and 2 - no idea

5) Kingbird 1, 2, and 3 - really just checking if I have anything other than Western Kingbirds

6) A bunch of hummers - really just checking for anything other than Black-chinned

7 ) Finches... are any of these Cassin's or are they all house finches?

8 ) Ducks and Another couple of ducks - are these all Mallards? Hybrids? Mexican Ducks?

9) Yet another duck - what about this one?

10) Cooper's or Sharpie?


I know my pictures aren't great, but maybe you guys can help 🙂

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I think you'd have more luck getting responses if you posted one or two questions at a time. And you can add photos directly to your post so they're easier to see. Just drag a photo right into the post.

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Agreed, it's very difficult to do when they are in a folder on google drive. The order in your post also isn't correct if you're trying to sort them by name alphabetically.

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