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I'm once again kind of torn on a situation in a bird group I manage.
I'm leaning towards a rule stating that ANY bird nests photos have to be from a good distance away unless someone can prove they're doing a nesting survey(official) or some kind.

I currently have a rule that "discourages" bird nest photos... and of course, I have people with different feelings on it. Some people lately are taking REALLY up close photos, over and over and over again... and other people that want all bird nest photos banned.

Who doesn't enjoy seeing baby birds?  Yet, how often can you get photos of nests with young and not stress the birds out at all?

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4 hours ago, Charlie Spencer said:

Photo metadata should give you the focal length, maybe even the lens used. 

I've tried looking and can't tell how to see metadata on the pics on facebook.
I did end up removing a photo and a video that someone took holding their camera INSIDE a buebird nest box while the eggs were hatching.
I made the mistake 🙄 of mentioning to the group that I'm going to be editing the rules to be more clear on the issue and I already had one person complain... they complained about the "bird police" and then said that if people have to post how far away they are then so should the photographers that are a safe distance away but camp out in one spot for hours.
So, being a safe distance away for hours is comparable to being right up in a bird's nest?
The person then said that no amount of rules updates would make "those" people happy so, they were leaving the group.
Humans are weird.

I also need to find people that FULLY understand the rules and will be willing to work with me and will take the time to hear what I have to say... that will help me moderate, or at least approve new requests. The group is at about 9.5k members now.
Would be a lot easier to manage if you could just trust everyone on facebook. ha.

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Tossing out my 2 cents worth here.

#1 People will take photos of bird nests.

#2 People will share those photos online.

#3 Rules on a facebook page won't change #1 or #2.

#4 Policing nest photos involves detective type work.

#5 When a tough call needs be made, always favour on the side of the bird.


It sounds to me like you have a few options...

A: Allow all nest photos.

B: Don't allow any nest photos.

C Allow some nest photos and spend your time policing and arguing about which ones are appropriate and which ones aren't.


Regardless of your decision, the right thing to do is to discourage anyone from disturbing the wildlife they photograph.

Perhaps I am over simplifying things, but what do you expect for 2 cents .😄

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