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25 Apr 2021 Mobile co. AL; public lake & park

1.  Orchard Orioles--male in lower part of frame and immature/females above; what I ID'd as female Orchards were 4 mustard-yellow birds flying in a quarrelsome group.  I though either female oriole or tanager sp.  The four fought while flying and when perched.  I could not get a good look or shot of them due to their frenetic movements.  Is such behavior consistent with female Orchards or does something else come to mind?


2.  female/immature Orchard Oriole


3.  Barn Swallow


4.  Eastern Kingbird


5. ?Common Grackle--but his tail looks short


6.  Brown-headed Cowbird vs. Shiny Cowbird vs. other blackbird sp.


7.  Least Tern


8.  Which Tern--it was a small tern, but bill looked too orange for Least, cap didn't look quite right for Forster's 


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36 minutes ago, IKLland said:

1. Yes

2. I think so

3. yes. Nice shot, btw!

4. yes, again nice shot!

5. common grackle. Look at the bill

6. pass

7. yes

8. least. Forster’s don’t have that bright of a bill, see here: https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/323843871#_ga=2.24219262.534509266.1619448901-1955318793.1592873967

For the Barn Swallow, I was chasing them with my lens, succeeding only getting a bunch of blurry pics, then I happened to look up and that one was perched on the power line, watching me.  ? 

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