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Your county’s current rarity’s!

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Leave a link to your county’s rare alert link. I’m curious what other people have going on. Earlier this year, we had a Thick-Billed Kingbird from January to March, and a Mexican Duck from January to March! We STILL have the masked booby that arrived here in NOVEMBER! 
Orange County, Ca rare alert link: https://ebird.org/alert/summary?sid=SN35679&sortBy=obsDt&o=desc


love for you guys to share!

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Most of the birds that trip the alert are common subspecies in my county. Some birds I would say are rare don’t trip the alert either, so im not sure what’s up with that. But, we’ve had a few actual rare birds this year. We’ve had Rough-legged Hawk recently, a few Scaup, and some Gadwall (they didn’t trip the filter). Earlier we had some early shovelers, teal, and pintails, and a week or two ago I had a super early Marsh Wren. 

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My county has been pretty crazy, though these north winds have slowed things down a bit.

Prothonotary Warbler a few weeks ago: Lifer for me, very hard in the county.

Kentucky Warbler: Second county record, first on almost 20 years.

Kirtland’s Warbler: Second County record! And on my friends sister’s land too.

White-eyed Vireo: Probably a dozen or so previous records, but this was the first really chasable one.



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