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Birdhouse hole protector?

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So, we have a couple of chickadees who have moved into one of our birdhouses. Problem is, there are some sparrows who are also very interested in this house. I’d like to install a copper portal/hole protector to keep the sparrows out, but wasn’t sure if that was ok, with the chickadees already living in there? Would it disturb them too much or scare them off for good if I took five minutes & popped that cover on with my cordless drill? 

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Welcome to Whatbird @Mike M. I'm afraid I can't really offer an educated/experienced opinion but my thoughts lean towards not disturbing any active nest. The chance of a negative outcome is a chance I wouldn't gamble with. Just my 2 cents worth. Others with actual nestbox experience may have suggestions/opinions to offer.

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It won't bother them at all, as long as you do it when the adults aren't in the nest.  I've done it several times for both Chickadees and Brown headed Nuthatches.  I assume you are only going to change the entrance to 1 1/4"?  That's what I've done, and it should keep the bigger birds out.

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