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Sparrow Help!

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I saw these little guys last week while walking the Appalachian Trail in Virginia.  Thanks for any ID's!!!


1. Could this be an American Tree Sparrow?  My app says they shouldn't be this far south in the Summer, but I thought the markings matched (chest dot, head coloring)




2. I'm hoping for a new bird, but I think it's probably a Female House Sparrow.  Each of these photos are different locations, but I think they are the same species: 





3. Could this be a Savannah Sparrow or a Female Lark Bunting? 



4. I'm not sure, but maybe a juvenile, based on beak coloring at the base? 



5. Totally Unsure...


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On #1, in addition to being way up north right now, as you noted, American Tree Sparrows lack the streaks below and have a rufous cap and eye-line on an otherwise largely plain face. The central breast spot that the books talk about isn't as useful as they make it seem -- occasionally, a Tree Sparrow might lack it, but more importantly just about any bird can appear to have one when the feathers get a bit displaced.

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