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I was tracking a Nashville Warbler and a Black-throated Green Warbler in the top of a tree and not keeping up very well.  I was basically playing the "snap a pic any time you see movement" game.  Shooting into the shadows against an overcast sky didn't help either.  But I thought maybe y'all could help... I don't have a clue.  Bowling Green KY this morning2112046358_unknown9.JPG.1c7bacb0f27174c185011d1460b8a8e1.JPGunknown10.JPG.41362b36a4b676a7881ec533dc0ca74a.JPG1598689796_unknown8.JPG.59771b5fa0884ccef632ab408e08b260.JPG586800349_unknown7.JPG.8f1d92d406534f03285314e84be93567.JPG

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Well YAY!  Thanks for the help.  Both are lifers (and in my yard no less), so I guess I'm gonna have to keep an eye out and eat some Wheaties so I can keep up with them and get some decent pictures!  Thanks again

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