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Cinnamon vs Blue-winged

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I saw these five teal last week at Whitaker Ponds in Portland, OR. The larger-billed birds I feel good about calling Cinnamon (especially when one flashed its colorful secondaries), but there's two other questionable individuals I've highlighted. #1 I think is Blue-winged, it has a defined eye-stripe, white patch at the base of the bill, and smaller bill. #2 however, also has a smaller bill, but lacks the white patch and defined eye stripe. There was also Green-winged teal in the area, but I don't think the proportions on #2 are small enough. In the first photo it seems to stand out as smaller, but maybe it's just another Cinnamon holding its head weird? Thoughts on these two teal? 





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2 minutes ago, redcoot said:

I agree with #1 being a Blue-winged and #2 being a Cinnamon Teal. #1 does show the eye line well and seems "cooler" in color overall. #2 has a much plainer face, and is "warmer" overall.

Cool, thanks Redcoot. Maybe #2 is a female Cinnamon and that's why it doesn't look like the other three. 

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