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Pere David's Laughingthrush (?) 80 mi north of Beijing

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This ID is still bugging me 5 years later. I observed this bird on June 27, 2016 in the scrubby mountains outside of Gubei Water Town, a small tourist resort alongside the Simitai Great Wall, about 80 miles north of Beijing.

Sound recording: https://ebird.org/checklist/S30409463 (see "Pere David's Laughingthrush")

Habitat: this image gives you a good idea of what kind of habitat it was in: https://www.wendyweitours.com/uploads/7/2/4/0/7240208/simatai-great-wall-of-china_orig.jpg

Location: exactly here: 40.645001, 117.277133

Description of observation:  The bird was singing nonstop in one of the many "canyons" in the dense prickly scrub. I never got a visual, and this was well off the beaten path, I just bushwhacked my way through the scrubby area.

5 years on, nobody has flagged my audio identification, here's hoping somebody here will know what this is.


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