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07 May 2021 Baldwin co. AL; coastal historical park with varying habitat--pine palmetto, flooded grassland, marsh, crumbling buildings, beach

1.  Common Nighthawk--Previously, I've only gotten these guys when they are zipping highly aloft.


2.  Female Summer Tanager--I wasn't sure about all the rustiness in the tail


3.  All Greater Yellowlegs


4.  Red-winged Blackbird with leucism of tail


5.  I thought this was a Brown-headed Cowbird in the field, but now I'm wondering if this is some sort of raptor. Those feet are huge.  He is banded.


6.  This fellow was an incidental, so not the best capture.  He looks to have long, greyish legs.  I can't tell size or whether he has a sandpiper or plover beak, or the pattern on his back.  Willet vs. Black-bellied Plover vs. something else entirely.



7.  Is this a Western Sandpiper with the Semipalmated Plover?


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1. Barn Swallow, Common nighthawks have white wingbars and are brown. 

2. Yes, Summer

3. Tough to tell, the middle bird might be Lesser.

4. I think that's just the camera messing with the lighting. 

5. Definitely Brown-headed Cowbird

6. Black-bellied Plover

7. The plover is a Semipalamated Plover, I'm not sure the peep can be identified. 

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