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I am at the stage in my birding where most of the new birds are hard to ID for me even with a picture.  I feel like I can figure out the colorful birds, but many juveniles, sparrows, peeps, flycatchers and the like are tough.  Here are a few pics from Austin, TX today of some flycatchers (2 or 3 birds).  As far as I can tell, these all look the same (most common small flycatcher in our area now is Least Flycatchers).  Are these all Least Flycatcher pics?  Merlin Bird ID thinks some of the pictures might be Hammonds, but I have no idea why.

CT2A5329 (3).jpg

CT2A5524 (2).jpg

CT2A5331 (3).jpg

CT2A5326 (2).jpg

CT2A5325 (2).jpg

CT2A5523 (2).jpg

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