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Northern Shrike or Loggerhead Shirke?

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Ancient photo #2 - Eagle Lake vicinity, Lassen County, CA - Feb 2003

Their ranges overlap so could be either.  But in general the black mask of the Loggerhead shrike covers about a third of its face and mask in this photo appears thinner and covers only about a fifth. So I am guessing Northern Shrike. Thoughts?


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8 hours ago, Aidan B said:

I'm not sure this can be ID'd, but from my understanding Northern Shrike is more common in Lassen than Loggerhead at that date. 


8 hours ago, Hasan said:

Mask looks thin, from this angle it certainly looks more Northern than Loggerhead but the photos leave much to be desired


8 hours ago, Connor Cochrane said:

I’m on my phone and the image is tiny, but it does seem to have more of a NSHR appearance to it by shape. 

Agreed. Northern Shrike.

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