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Seattle WA Gull

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I have very little experience with gulls, so I'm not really surprised that I'm getting stumped. This guy was slightly smaller than nearby Glaucous-winged Gulls, but not excessively so, so I'm thinking maybe Iceland or Herring?

It's kinda washed out, so it might not be IDable, but I thought I'd see if anyone had any suggestions.

If you can, please also include why it's one or the other (or neither) so I know what to look for next time!


- Darrell Good


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1 hour ago, Darrell said:

What are "pp tips"? Primary projections?

The tips to the primaries. Tony explained in another post that p# (like p1, p2, etc) indicates an individual primary feather, while pp is plural. Same goes for the secondaries (ss, s#)

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17 hours ago, Darrell said:

What are "pp tips"? Primary projections?

I was intending the dark parts of the wing tip, as here. The blackness and precise pattern on the wing tip as a whole and on individual outer pp are critical for large, white-headed gull (LWHG) ID. Unless a birder likes delving into what might be considered minutiae, that birder should probably refrain from getting too deeply into gull ID.

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Thanks guys! I had no idea gull ID was quite this intense, especially in the Pacific NW. But hey, if I learn it here, I can do it anywhere 🙂. I'll have to spend some time getting more familiar with the common local stuff and "delving into minutiae." Let's see if I can ask for a confirmation next time instead of an ID!

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