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Gadwall in MA????

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I am visiting Plum Island for a week in Northern MA for a week.  Got these shots today of these birds that I am struggling to ID.  Forgot my Sibleys, so I expect I'll post a bunch of birds for help with ID.  I just can't put my finger on a color pattern for these ducks.  Maybe Gadwall?i-z46hQhT-XL.jpgi-TPMsrRQ-XL.jpg

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11 minutes ago, mfoster.vt said:

Thanks Akiley.  That middle American Black duck in the bottom pic looked like it might have been another Am. Wigeon.  I kind of wondered about Am. Wigeon for the flight photos, but have never seen them in flight, always on the water.


The middle bird in pic 2 is a molting male Mallard. The only ABDU is on the left 

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