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Bowdoin NWR - Peeps and Shorebirds

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May 29th, Bowdoin NWR in north Montana (If you have never been there and can, GO!) I'm trying to get better at sandpiper ID, but I still get it wrong half the time anyway. Any tips for what you are using to ID is hugely appreciated. Thanks in advance!

1. There are some medium sized and a couple of smaller, in addition to the Wilson's Phalarope




2. Wilson's Phalarope and.....




3. This one is really intriguing me. I thought a singular Long-billed Dowitcher at the distance I was seeing it from, based on size - bigger than Phalaropes, smaller than the Godwits - they do get Short-billed here too, which would be a lifer for me, but the orange coloring on the face is a puzzler for me.

Suggested: Stilt Sandpiper





5. I've had a suggestion of Sanderling








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9 hours ago, Hasan said:

1. White-rumped

For peep, both Baird's and White-rumped have very long wings, with the tips extending beyond the tail tip, very unlike the smaller peep. White-rumped is a late spring migrant that, even in Colorado, is still going through in the second week of June. Baird's is a browner bird that lacks White-rumped's streaking. These are features noted by good field guides.

9 hours ago, Hasan said:

7. Sanderling

Sanderling is the only sandpiper in the world with only three toes/foot, lacking the hind toe of all others. If unsure, simply count the toes.

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