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1 hour ago, BirdNrd said:

What photo editing software do you use to get stuff like branches or other things out of pictures?

For instance this photo.


Most any photo editing software that has a selection tool with a healing brush can help remove unwanted features with a few clicks, if done right. The high end programs might do a better job at it than others, but there's also free software that can possibly do just as good a job. I believe that Gimp is the most popular of the free photo editing programs and is claimed to rival Photoshop in many aspects. There are many other free programs but I can't remember them all, a Google search for free photo editing software should provide you with plenty of options. Keep in mind that removal of branches crisscrossing a bird isn't an easy fix, especially when the shadows need to be considered in association with the branches that are being removed.

Also note that the removal of branches is discouraged by ebird. 

"When editing, aim to make the bird look as it did in the field; please avoid over-saturation, over-sharpening, or augmentation of the image beyond what you observed. The idea is to create a natural reproduction of how the bird looked in life. Many editing tools found in Photoshop can "enhance" an otherwise backlit or hard-to-see image, but they can also result in very strange-looking birds; please use these tools sparingly. Similarly, avoid cosmetic Photoshopping like the removal of branches or other major changes. These artificially created images are not appropriate for inclusion in a scientific collection."

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