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all near Palm springs, ca from this week. thanks!

1. Immature male Costa's.


2. Male BCHU? One photo is overexposed...but are the same bird.



3. Female COHU or BCHU? 


4. Another female: 


5. Female:


6. Final one. 


Question: How do you tell female COHU from BCHU?

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1 Yes obviously also great photo

2 I think Costa’s - I think I see long gorget corners - but not sure 

3 tough one, neck is stretched out which gives the impression of Black-chinned, but the tail is short - I’d go with Costa’s but not sure

4 Not sure

5 is Black-chinned for sure 

6 not sure

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13 hours ago, kansabirdguy said:

So jealous of all the hummingbird variety in the west!

Yep, in Palm Springs at any time of year there’s rufous in spring/fall, Anna’s all year, costas in spring/summer, and BCHU in spring/summer. Here in Orange County we get rufous spring/ summer, Allen’s ( year round and actually, surprisingly our most common hummer, ), Anna’s year round( second most common), Costas spring, summer, winter has low #s, and BCHU uncommon in spring/summer. 

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