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House or Purple

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I have those House Finches out here in AZ as well - usually trying to figure out how to access the nectar in my Hummer feeders.  The males certainly are especially colorful with that bright purple-ish red from their heads thru their chests!  Though pretty common, I find them quite amusing, happy little birds that 'play' in the bushes...

I have also found that they can be quite susceptible to outdoor chemicals, maybe heavily used pesticides, weed killers, etc. (at least out here). I have had several show up on the patio literally covered in tumors!  2 were so extremely bad, that I was surprised they could even see where they were going... so gut-wrenching to see.  Just my opinion, but maybe bc they're so common & what I've seen, they're yet another species that is indicative of local environmental health?(Heartbreaking to see such chipper little chirpers suffer resulting effects at the possible hands of our own ignorance)

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