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Unfamiliar crepuscular species in southern Maine

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The bird at the very beginning of this recording was picked up while recording Towhees, House Wrens and other species at 8:41 this evening in Maine at a sandy field with tall sparse vegetation in southern Maine.   You can hear my companion whisper "Loon" which it also doesn't sound like to me,  and wouldn't be found there anyway.   There are Whippoorwills present at the location, to clarify, but it sounded not at all like any Whippoorwill vocalization I've heard.   I'm very reluctant to venture Common Poorwill, although audio of that species sounds as close as anything to my ears.   I guess it's just a Whippoorwill making an odd three-syllable call or song?   We heard it twice and the recording just caught the complete second repetition in its entirety; both repetitions were of the same three syllables. 

Recording_689 (Unknown species).wav

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Hi Bird Nuts,

There is a small pond (Wards Pond) which is largely dried up that borders the spot, although I've never seen or heard any Loon flyovers or much else for water birds at the end near where we were.   While I've never been to the other side and assumed it was all equally shallow, it appears the annual Loon count does tally Wards Pond.   Sounds like your ID might be the correct one.

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Looking into what nearby bodies of water there are that would support Common Loons, the one I mentioned seems unlikely (it's more like a polluted creek, although no one in Maine says "creek") but there is a larger pond about 1/2 mile away that is a known loon breeding spot (with an island that's fenced off for that purpose, called Loon Island).  This would mean the bird was a calling flyover but I had no idea that they flew around like that during breeding season; and having lived in Maine for most of my life I don't think I've ever heard one call while flying.    So an odd species at this location but certainly not as rare as a Common Poorwill would be.   Thanks Bird Nuts and Bird-Boys for your help.

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