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Song Sparrow photo? Chat and Spotted Towhee audio?

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All from near the Rio Grande, Española, N. M., the morning of June 13.

I'm used to looking for a Song Sparrow's wide dark lateral throat stripe, but the one in the picture is a Song Sparrow that has a narrow one just to confuse me, right?  It looks rather like Sibley's "Southwestern" Song Sparrow, though usually his "Southwestern" is farther south than here in el norte.  Just on the off chance, can anything be said about subspecies?


1. I'm especially interested in the slightly descending dededededededede that shows up faintly at :02 and more clearly at :07 and :22, but I'll take anything that's not a chat or a Yellow Warbler.  Is that yet another chat sound?  I'm used to their polysyllabic noises being steadier in pitch.

2. Here I'm interested in the sort of squawk at :03, :09, :19, :22, and :28. Still yet another chat sound?  Again I'll take anything that's not a chat or a Yellow Warbler.

3. Is the song that alternates with the Yellow Warbler an elaborate Spotted Towhee or a simple Song Sparrow or what?

4. And this is just a Spotted Towhee who's singing his song with the trill first because it's important to him to sing it backwards, right?  I never saw him.  And a Blue Grosbeak calling?




chatq83.mp3 oink02.mp3 towheeq24crop.mp3 backwardstowhee55crop.mp3

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