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Baby bird help please!!


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Posted on Reddit also:

A week and a half ago, a family of robins hatched in my yard. Just this morning, someone looked out the window and found the nest empty and two out of three chicks dead on the ground. My guess is, there was an attack on the nest last night and when the babies jumped prematurely, two of them hit the rocks and died instantly. Just now, I found the third chick alive and in the middle of the yard. When I went near it, I saw the parents in the tree, and they were very annoyed at me for going near their baby. I haven’t seen them feed it yet, but I haven’t been watching very long. Any ideas on what to do next? Also, it didn’t run from me when I found it, so does that mean it could be hurt?

Edit: ok, I just saw it get fed. But will it survive the night on the ground?


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