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Cassin's Kingbird?

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Today in southern Nevada.  Having trouble telling Western from Cassin's with any confidence.  Western common here this time of year, Cassin's much rarer.  But one Cassin's has been reported at a park a few times recently.  Thanks!









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Notice the difference in face pattern:



The white of the cheek is much more constrained by and more strongly and abruptly contrasting with the darker gray of CAKI. The white does not extend behind the eye in CAKI. The vocalizations of the two species are also quite different.

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1 hour ago, Aidan B said:

very little white edging to the outer tail feathers

This is not quite correct. Both species have pale outer webs to the outermost rectrix on either side of the tail. That pale TENDS to be less white and less extensive on CAKI than on WEKI.


However, there are many CAKIs though show nearly as much pale that is nearly or equally white. As example:




In other words, it is NOT a feature on which to hang a definitive ID of WEKI.


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19 hours ago, Aidan B said:

For Sure! A white throat surrounded by gray and very little white edging to the outer tail feathers.

This. But instead of gray, you should say dark gray. 

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