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Black-colored birds #2

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Lexington County, central SC.  February 5th, 2021.  A large open field of several dozen acres, mowed, partially shade by a grove of pecan trees.

I spotted a flock of several hundred mixed black-colored birds on my way home from work.  I -think- the larger bird in the upper left is a female Common Grackle.  The bottom right is a female Red-Winged.  What's the bird on the top right, above the Red-Winged?  Another Grack?  It appears too pale for a female Rusty but my only previous Rusty sighting was a male.  Female Brown Cowbird?



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6 minutes ago, The Bird Nuts said:

Top birds are Rusty Blackbirds and the bottom bird is a Red-winged.  The tails are much too short for grackles.

Thanks.  Can you venture a guess as to gender?  I -assume- they're not breeding females; they look too dark compared to the guides I'm checking.  They also look too brown for breeding males, leaving me to guess non-breeding males.

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, The Bird Nuts said:

'fraid not.  I'll leave that to Tony.

Not important.  I was asking mostly because the bird is browner than I expected.  Tony would likely say that's because the bird's feathers are old and worn.  :classic_wink: 

This is a species I've honestly haven't paid as much attention to as I could have, so I'm not yet familiar with how they look through the year.

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In the black blackbirds, males are larger, often much larger, than females, so much so that they take different band sizes. Relative to the female RWBL, I'd guess that the right RUBL is a female and that the left bird is a male. However, I would leave as unsexed, given the vagaries of telephoto photography without direct comparisons in space and posture.

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