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Hawk - Houston Memorial Park - 6-21-21

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Gray overcast rainy at time of observation so photo quality not good. First heard the hawk - sounded similar to Cooper's Hawk recording on eBird. Small in size (too large for Sharp-shinned I believe) and with longish tail. Brownish compared to mature Cooper's. Initially concluded it was an immature Cooper's but a pair of Red-shouldered Hawks had chicks this year so wondering if it might be immature Red-shouldered Hawk?

Guidance and analysis as always would be appreciated. Thank you!






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Some analysis to go with Tony's ID: wings coming just down to base of tail while perched indicates accipiter over buteo, and in the second photo it looks capped with that pale line running from the cheek round to the back of the head, suggesting coop (along with relatively small forward eyes on the large blocky head).

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Wow - and thanks to all for the information and analysis. The length of tail I thought was a deciding factor of Cooper's vs. immature Red-shouldered but the details y'all provided really help a relative newcomer like me. And the comparisons noted vs. Sharp-shinned great information to keep on file.  Really appreciate your inputs and this forum

Thank you!

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