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iBird eliminates birds that should be included in search

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I posted a request for ID and found the bird was a bushtit.  https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/topic/1653-small-brown-bird-with-yellow-eyes-what-is-it/&tab=comments#comment-8472

The following is my reply.  It was suggested that I post here so it can be fixed.

The only iris color iBird with accept for a bushtit is brown.  If you enter tan (buff) or gray, bushtit is eliminated.  Looking at the photos they show in the app, the eyes are clearly not all one color.  They look black (maybe dark brown) and yellow or maybe white.  They say "pale" in the general write up and "white, pale yellow, or gray" in the identification panel.  Trouble is that if you enter any of those iBird eliminates bushtit.  The same is true for underparts color.  Even though they say the underparts my be buff, if you enter buff for color, bushtit is eliminated.  It appears to me that the search only allows one valid choice for any characteristic so variations are not handled.  I find it to be a serious drawback in what is otherwise an excellent implementation.


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