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Please help confirm some ID's

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I saw these birds at a park in Northern New Jersey today. I'm pretty sure I have a brown headed cowbird, a house finch, some great crested flycatchers, and a song sparrow... but any help would be greatly appreciated.








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9 minutes ago, Quiscalus quiscula said:

Looks like a really funny house finch. A bit too dark and brown. Plus that weird bill.

Some species are more prone to bills that grow abnormally.  House Finches with odd bills show up here periodically.

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3 minutes ago, Charlie Spencer said:

What do you find weird about it?  It looks like a standard female to me.

Looked a bit dark at first, but after looking at some pictures it looked better. The picture recalls juvenile red crossbill, but in addition to being extremely rare this time of year, crossbills have crisper streaking. Female house finch looks better now.

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