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Molting Northern Cardinal? Corkscrew Swamp/Naples Florida.

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Evening all! My friend is in Southwest Florida and sent me a picture of another humdinger we can't figure out. She saw this mystery bird today in the Swamp Preserve.

Is it a tuftless Northern Cardinal or a Summer Tanager or even a rarity - a Ant-Tanager!

We can't figure it out. The coloring and location is off for each one of these. Can you help?



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42 minutes ago, Connor Cochrane said:

It still has the thick, stout bill, with some black around the chin

This is a young-of-the-year male that is still has a bill that is mostly black and is not quite finished replacing its female-like brown body plumage -- you can still see some brown feathering on the back.

Full juvenile plumage

Immature male not quite as far along in the post-juvenile molt


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